FITLIFE Performance Training

FITLIFE Performance Training

Sports Performance Training


FITLIFE has become synonymous with the term sports performance training.

At FITLIFE, exercise physiologists, professional athletes and strength coaches have dedicated themselves to researching the most effective methods for improving sports conditioning in our clients through superior attention to each individual’s personal needs and goals.

Degreed and certified professionals by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) design all workouts at FITLIFE. The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification is the only strength training and conditioning certification to be nationally accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and has been nationally accredited since 1993. It is the gold standard for sports performance training.

We understand the importance of sports performance training in Warminster. Each sport and each position requires a specific and unique style of training. Our advanced strength and conditioning programs are designed to enhance athletic performance for all ages, beginner to professional, and team player or individual sports through:

  • Injury Prevention – minimizing injury with prudent risk management and proper bio-mechanical preparation
  • Education – emphasizing the relevance and correlation of each task from workout to field application
  • Motivation – establishing clear, attainable, and measurable goals for the individual through our Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Enhancement – maximizing the physical and mental skills of the athlete
  • Teamwork – promoting camaraderie and team reliance through competitive drills


Our Training Center in Warminster, PA boasts everything an athlete needs to take their game to the next level.

We believe its extremely important to coach our Sports Performance Athletes in an age appropriate program. We divide your Athletes into THREE age groups.

FITLIFE Middle School Sports Performance  (view schedule here)
Program Ages 11-14
with a fitness foundation already established in strength, coordination and basic running mechanics we introduce these athlete to a training focused on producing results. We strive to push our middle school athletes to the next level by introducing mental toughness techniques in each training session.

FITLIFE High School/College Sports Performance  (view schedule here)
Program Ages 15 & UP
 these sessions are all work making them the most ideal ages for an athlete to develop speed, agility, power and strength at the next level. These intense sessions build upon our training and will bring an athlete to the next level in athletic performance.

We start all of our athletes off with a Functional Movement Screen and Performance Assessment. These assessments give the athlete a chance to meet us and see what FITLIFE is all about. The evaluation is absolutely free and all it requires is an hour of your time.

Call now to schedule this FREE assessment and take the next step to becoming a better all around athlete with our sports performance training in Warminster!